Construction and Design (CONSTEC) is an Egyptian joint stock company, specialized in providing fully integrated contracting solutions. As a class I general contracting company, our expertise expands to include a wide range of projects including; industrial, residential, administration, commercial, touristic and infra-structure projects.
We pride ourselves with our extensive list of clients which we have earned and continue to enhance ever since we were established in 1989. Our approach is systematically and methodically marked with our motto of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
Leisure & Tourism
- Royal palm beach resort in Hurghada
- Hyper One 10 Of Ramdan
- First Phase - Extension of Movenpick Hotel Pyramid
- Zayed Mall 6th October
- Palm Beach Resort - Hurghada
- Movepice El-Harm Phase 2
- Porto South Beach Amer Group
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Residential & Administration
- Royal city compound in sheikh zayed
- Multipurpose Building - Suez
- Green Waves In Sheikh Zayed
- SODIC1- Spine 28,29,33,32B
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- Abu Rawash Industrial Buildings – 6th October
- InfoFort Project 6th October City
- F3 & F5 Factories Ain El-Sokhana
- F2 Factory Ain El-Sokhana Suez
- Aramex Borg El Arab WareHouse
- Jushi Project Fiberglass
- Aramex 6th October
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- Sewage Treatment and Industrial - Wadi Hof - Helwan City
- sewage and industrial desalination station al-Mahala city
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